Chiquinho Sovetes

Chiquinho Sorvetes

Join the largest Brazilian ice cream business network

Learn more about the right recipe for your business and be a franchisee of the fastest growing ice cream business network in Brazil!

The Chiquinho franchise

Leader in the segment, with more than 35 years of experience in the ice cream sector, the Chiquinho Sorvetes franchise is still one of the most established brands in the Brazilian franchising market. Its development plan covers the entire country. The brand stands out due to the quality of its products, its industry know-how and its wide presence in the sector.

Excellence in franchising for 4 consecutive years.

Excelência em Franchising - 2013 Excelência em Franchising - 2014 Excelência em Franchising - 2015 Excelência em Franchising - 2016
Associação Brasileira de Franchising

High profitability franchise

Booming segment

Development of new products

Full management support

Self Distribution Center

Established brand in the market

Business plans

What is your profile like?

The franchisee manages his/her own business. We provide you with the necessary instructions to lead, manage people, plan, among others.

Team spirit, sense of leadership and ability to deal with people.

Willingness to follow rules, processes and predefined standards.

Acting with justice, integrity and transparency.

Dedication to the perfect operation progress and to success.

Success stories

  • I was going through a period of changes in my profession and realized it was an opportunity to change my life. I chose the food industry due to its good performance and the possibilities of growth. After working for 11 months with the shop, I decided to open my second branch. My financial income is now four times higher than when I was an employee; besides the convenience, well-being and life quality I now have as the owner of my own business.

    Adriano Martins Ferreira, franchisee in the Brazilian state of Bahia for three years.
    Adriano Martins Ferreira
  • I invested all the money I had to open my first shop. After one year, I was already opening my second branch using the capital return I had in the early months. I currently have six shops. I plan on having 20 shops in four years. Gratitude is the word that defines my experience as a franchisee, for everything the brand provided me in this short period of time.

    Mário Sergio da Silva, franchisee in the Brazilian state of Pará for two years and a half.
    Mário Sergio da Silva

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